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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Benjamin the "BOBCAT"

Benjamin turned 8 years old back in August,
and has been faithfully attending scouts since then.
He has successfully accomplished all the requirements to receive
the first rank of the Scouting Program, which is the BOBCAT.
Last night, at the award ceremony, Benjamin received the badge.
Part of the process in receiving the badge,
(they don't just hand it to you)
is DAD turning his son upside down while MOM pins the badge on.
Ben thought that was so funny.
The rule with the badge is, it is pinned on upside down.
When Benjamin does a good deed for mom,
she turns the badge right side up.
(I will be anxiously awaiting that good deed).
Another part of receiving a new rank is a pin, for MOM.
I was privileged to have Ben pin my "mom's pin" on me.
That was awesome.
Benjamin is well on his way to receive the rank of "EAGLE SCOUT".

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