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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Festival of the Nativities.

A tradition our family has enjoyed while living here in
Vancouver is going to the Festival of the Nativities.
This event takes place the first weekend of December, and is in one of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints meeting houses.
A variety of nativities are "borrowed" from ward members
with-in the Vancouver West Stake. The cultural hall, relief society,
and primary rooms are used for the display of over
700 very different and unique nativities.

I took a few photos this year, to show myself, and others what an
amazing experience it is to see. Nativities from so many different
nations like Mexico, South America, Peru, Japan, Israel, Russia, etc.
Materials that were used from iron, wood, glass, cloth, porcelain etc.
I was amazed by the variety of sizes and colors also.

Here are just a few of the ones that were there this year.


The Stable

Counted Cross Stitch

Sugar Cookie

Native America

(Notice the Animals)


(Notice the animals)

Made with Raffia

The box is the size of a Match Box

(Not sure what it is made of, but VERY TINY)

The primary room was all hands on.
Nativities that were "touchable".
A dress up area for the children to be characters like
Angels, Kings, Shepards and animals.
(This was the first place the boys wanted to go, and stay).



Bringing Silver and Gold


SueAnn said...

Wow, those are amazing nativities!

Colleen said...

That was so nice also the photos was so good. Great shot.

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