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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Welcome to the Family

Benjamin and Nicholas have had a "wish list" for a very long time.
Number one on that list....A PET!!!
Oh yes.
If any of you know me, as well as you think you do, know
I am NOT a pet person.
Oh ya they are cute and cuddly.
BUT... they are another responsibility.
So one day they came to me again asking.
I was having a good day, so I said sure...........BUT!!!
I made a deal with them.
The deal was, THEY needed to show ME some responsibility.
I told them that for 1 week they had to keep their things picked up.
The living room floor was to be clean every night before bed,
dishes were to be put in the sink after they were done,
clothes put in the laundry room after taking then off.
This was from a Sunday to a Sunday.
If they could show me I would do my part too, keep my promise.
They did pretty good.
The first couple days were amazing.
I didnt even have to remind them.
After a few days I had to give a reminder.
But for the most part they did good.
So when the weekend came, it was the discussion of
WHAT pet it would be.
Ben: A German Shepard
Nic: A Bearded Dragon(lizard)
THAT was NOT the kind of pet I was thinking,
altho I knew that was what they would have expected.

SOOOOOO, after a much awaited arrival, here is our new PET!!!

There are actually 4 of them.
"Tiger" "Mantis" "Fred" and "George".
If you could not tell from the pictures they are
Praying Mantises.
They are 6 days old today, and about the length
of your thumb nail.
We have only had them 16 hours, but so far so good.
We will see how this all goes as time passes.
I will keep you posted.


Michelle said...

hahaha...i forgot you told me about these....I couldn't fathom what PET you agreed to let them get!

Colleen said...

Cute praying mantis!

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