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Friday, September 11, 2009

Eagle Scout Joshua Timothy Howard

Eagle Scout Joshua Timothy Howard

Eagle Scout Award, Medal, and Pins. A pin for Dad, a pin for Mom,
and a Pin for Mentor.

Tim receiving his Dad's Pin.

Big Hug

Josh presenting me with my Mom's Pin.

Big Hug

Bro. Kearl presenting Josh with his Eagle Medal.

The Vancouver Washington West Stake has come up with
a special badge, starting back in the 1980's,
to be presented to all those young men
who receive their Eagle Award.
Each badge is numbered according to the next in line of earning their Eagle Award.
Josh received number 312.

Joshua had the privilege of receiving his Eagle Award on the day as 3 of his Friends and fellow troop members. This was quite an accomplishment for all of them, and not an every day occurrence that 4 young men receive their Eagles at he same time, from the same troop. It was a great ceremony for the 4 young men, their families and those who attended.

All those, in attendance, who have received their Eagle Award,
giving the Eagle Pledge.

Josh behind his "brag table".
This was a display of who Josh is, what he has done
and accomplished.

The Cake

New Eagle Scout. Soon to be Eagle Scout.

Joshua and one of his leaders, Brother Astle.

Leaders and friends. Kevin Astle, Bro. Palmer,
Bro. Gassaway, Bro. Kearl, Bishop Ricks,
Bro. Nelson, Bro. Astle, Bro. Gamble,
Nate Schollars, Andrew Prince, Josh, and Gabe Brower.

Andrew, Nate, Bro. Kearl, Gabe, and Josh.

Nate, Andrew, Bishop Ricks, Josh, and Gabe.

Nate, Andrew, Bro. Astle, Josh, and Gabe.

Nathan Schollars, Andrew Prince, Gabriel Brower, Joshua Howard.

The guest signing table.

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Tricia said...

What a great accomplishment, congratulations you guys! Plus a babtism, what a great eventful month for you guys. :)