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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The "Veggies" of our Labors

We had the great experience to plant a garden together as a family.
What a great inspiration form our Prophet.
Our garden was planted along our back fence.
We had previously laid weed block and bark down, so that did have to be removed.
The spot was just the right size tho.
The family was able to work together to cultivate the ground, plant the seeds,
watch the sprouts grow, pull weeds, water, and then eat the veggies.
Peas, Cucumbers, Green Beans, and Carrots.
Each one of us in the family got to choose a veggie to plant, and that they would eat,
when it was ready to harvest.
Ben and Nic chose cucumbers. Josh and Chris chose green beans.
Tim chose carrots. I chose peas.
Our little garden has been perfect. Just the right size.
Everyone has enjoyed eating the veggies.
It is so cute to see the boys go out and come running in to tell me, or show me,
how something has grown since the last time they saw it.
We are looking forward to planting again next year.
Maybe expand on our variety to include tomatoes, potatoes.
(onions and peppers have been suggested, we will see)
Enjoy the pictures!!

Ben shoveling the bark that was laid down.

Nic moving the wheel barrel to the next stop for transporting the bark away.

Josh mixing the good dirt in with the bad dirt, clay.

Chris planting some pea seeds.




(I didn't take any pictures of the peas when they were done.
Wish I had tho, we had TONS)

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Tricia said...

Your carrots look so great! Ours turned out teeny tiny! Good job on your garden. I like the idea of letting each kid choosing a veggie :)