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Monday, August 10, 2009

Toothless AGAIN

Nic lost his second tooth.
He came and showed me it was bleeding, a little. He had been trying to pull it with his fingers and couldn't get a hold of it. So I asked if I could tie a string around it and let him pull. This had been a big issue before. He had said he did not want a string tied around it because he was afraid I would tie the string around the door knob and shut the door(wonder where he got that idea). So after I pinky swore(our personal promise) that I would not tie the string around the door and let him pull the string himself, I got the string around the tooth. It was just hanging there, so ready to just have a little help. One little tug and out it came. He was shocked, first that is came out so easy and second that it didnt hurt.
The tooth fairy come the next morning and gave him a $1.00 bill(cheap tooth fairy), but he was excited. We went to the dollar store and he bought his own toy.
Made him feel good he paid for it himself.
No more loose teeth for a while. But will keep you posted.

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