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Friday, June 1, 2012

"Gone to the Birds" PART ONE

 For the last 3 years we have noticed birds in the eave 
of the house, right outside Josh and Chris's room. 
Not sure why, but never cared to figure out where exactly 
they were building their nest, 
despite the very loud sound they made 2 times a year 
during nesting.
This year I had enough. They made extra noise, 
or I was just fed up. 
I called the landlord to see what he wanted done 
and he suggested a Pest Control guy 
to come and remove the nest and all "extra" 
that was left from the birds. 

I called the first place listed online. Their response was 
"They are Starlings and are protected by 
the State of Washington. 
Cant touch them until they are done nesting". 


I called a second place, needing a second opinion, 
got the same answer. 
So I called a third company, just to see what they said. 
Their response was 
"The Starlings are NOT protected birds in Washington, 
look it up online or call 
Fish and Wildlife to confirm what I am saying". 
So I did.

The birds are NOT protected, they are "nuisance birds" 
and can be removed.
I asked the Ranger why he thought the first two companies 
told me about the protection. His response was 
"They didnt want to deal with them"
Well . . . They lost out of some business.

Anyway, so Brian from Interstate Pest Control 
came to investigate. 
Climbed up to the hole to see where the nest was . 
(the hole was only 3x8 inches in the corner of the roof)
The conclusion . . . 


Say WHAT!! Those birds have, over the last 3 years, 
been building a nest in MY ATTIC!!
I honestly had no idea. We only heard them in one corner. 
Never anywhere else. 
Brian said there was a section that looked like a "room" 
that they primarily stayed, and that's why 
we never heard them anywhere else. 
The nest was BIG. 
(what do you expect after 3 years of building).
It took him 3 times up and down from the attic 
filling a 5 gallon bucket and a box. 


 Brian, Pest Control Extraordinaire.

 The hole from the inside

 The nest in the attic.

 The nest out of the attic.

The "Nuisance" 

This sage continues in PART TWO.
(the best is yet to come)

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