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Wednesday, November 9, 2011


This might sound like an unusual thing to be grateful for.
Why would I be grateful for Fried Raviolis.
Tonight I wanted to make something we have never made before
A recipe for these is what I came across on my search.
Looked easy to make, and looked like they would be good.
(They WERE easy to make and DID taste good)
But the best part of my gratitude for them is,

I had "CHEF NIC" by my side.

All but frying them, Nic did it all.
He broke and beat the eggs in the dish.
He coated the raviolis in the flour using a plastic bag.
He mixed the breadcrumbs with the seasoning in a bowl.
Then the raviolis went from the bag of flour to the eggs
to the bread crumbs and into the hot oil.
(I took over from there).
Nic was so excited to help, and I was grateful for his help.

Nothing better then to have "CHEF NIC" by my side.

Fried Raviolis will become part of our menu planning again.

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