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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Shopping 101

I have been wanting, for some time now, to learn how to coupon shop. I see that others save a ton of money, but dont really know how it worked. My friend Shauna has been encouraging me to make the first step, and this week she sat down with me to give me my first lesson. To be honest, I walked out as confused as when I walked in. She showed me her system of clipping and storing the coupons in her binder, each section categorized, the coupons in baseball card sleeve protectors. It was over whelming. She also took me online to see the sites she visits daily. There are some great people that find the deals for you, show the sales from each store, highlights the coupons, to get better savings. Shauna helped me make a list of what items, on sale this week and had a coupon attached, putting them in a word document, so all I had to do was come home, print the coupons, and go shopping. My homework, when I got home, was to clip the coupons I had(per purchase of 2 Sunday newspapers), print off the ones online, and orginize per store. I still had my doubts. I am unsure as to describe my feelings. Uncertainty as to it really working, worth it, time searching, clipping, shopping store to store. I am fortunate that the stores I would be using are close, so gas is not too much(ha ha ha) of an issue.

This morning, I gathered all my lists, coupons, and met Shauna at Albertsons. My first lesson (with her holding my hand every step of the way). To be honest, my first reaction was frustrations, confusion, stress, overwhelming inadequacy. I sure hope this gets easier.
The second store we went to was Safeway. A little easier, only because there was less to buy there. Still all the other feelings, but lessened.

I grand total spent, at both stores combined before coupons, was $160.43. Coupons+preferred cards savings was $96.90. Grand total out of pocket was $63.53!!!


Michelle said...

WOOHOO!!!!! So proud of you! need to share that knowledge with me...hehehe. We do pretty well...but not that good!

Amie and Karl said...

That is awesome I am trying to learn the ropes it is so nice that you ahve a wonderful friend that will show you I kinda need that