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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Things About ME!

There is this fun thing going around my circle of friends. We share some interesting things about ourselves. This one is called 25 random things about you.
(disclaimer-For those who are my friends on facebook, you have already seen it)

1.While Tim was in the Navy, I went on a dependents cruise. I was given the opportunity to drive a Nuclear Powered Navy Submarine. While on board, we did an Emergency Blow, like on the movie Hunt for Red October. FYI, the submarine used in the Movie was the USS Huston, the same boat Tim was stationed on and I drove.

2. I have lived in Idaho, Hawaii, California, South Carolina, Louisiana, Tennessee, and Washington.

3. I met Tim on a blind date thru a mutual friend.(there is a story behind that). We were married 4 months later, and have been married for 18 1/2 years. (who said it wouldn't last??)

4. I used to be a pre-school teacher. I Loved it.

5. I used to work for a florist, and occasionally would help make the flower arrangements. Loved it.

6. I am afraid of the dark. When Tim has to go out of town, I sleep with the lights on.

7. I don't like to cook or clean. I do it, occasionally, when needed. Thank goodness my family loves me!!!

8. I would love to get an RV and travel. Go see historical sight around the US. Especially ones about the church.

9. I would love to go on a Safari. Maybe Africa, maybe Australia. To see Lions, Zebras, Giraffes etc. roaming in their natural habitat and free.

10. I am a farm girl. My family raised sheep. I helped feed them, clean their pens, take care of the wool, herd them, help mothers birth, dock the lambs, etc. I Loved it.

11. I have been to the house of, and met, Harrison Ford. He owns a home in Jackson Wyoming, and uses farm equipment that is built and delivered by my dad. (who happen to be delivering a tractor to him one day while I was visiting). He is a genuine guy. Soft spoken, kind.

12. I have swam in the Pacific and Atlantic Ocean in the same month. (refer back to #2)

13. I enjoy camping. Cooking over a fire, sleeping in a tent, watching the kids collect nature.

14. I have 4 boys who's ages this year will be Joshua 18, Christopher 16, Benjamin 8, and Nicholas 6. (I spaced them out right didn't I).

15. I don't like surprises. It is the anticipation that I don't like. So if I don't know about it, I am ok. I like them after they have happened, sometimes.

16. I grew up in a log cabin that my dad, and others, built. The logs are even inside of the perimeter walls. Cool huh!

17. I enjoy card/board games. I could play a game every day, for hours.

18. I LOVE SWEETS. Chocolate, candies, cookies, cakes.

19. I share a birthday with Mary Tyler Moore, Jude Law, Ted Danson, and Andrew Jackson.

20. My favorite time of the year is the fall. The changing color of the leaves, the crisp air.

21. I love taking HOT baths. I stay in there for, when I can, no less then an hour. I sometimes have to rewarm the water.

22. I read the obituaries every day. I have several newspapers that I read from. Mostly from towns I have lived in. Who they are, how old they were, how they died, their history, their families.

23. I am terrible at spelling and grammar. Thank goodness for spell check.

24. I love garage sales and thrift stores. Talk about dress for less. The clothes, the furniture, the gadgets, the dishes. I have found some great stuff within my budget price.

25. I love hearing personal stories of peoples lives. Whether it be tragedies, hardships, adventures, thrills, happiness. Personal testimonies of all they have gone thru inspires me, excites me.

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