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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Skyview High School Spirit Week

Josh wearing his TOGA. He did look good. Although, his band around shoulder and waist ended up being gold. He was even wearing sandals.

Josh's Junior class is Orange. He found anything he could that was orange to wear. Notice the orange soda cans, orange band aids under each eye, and the orange pom-poms taped to an orange stick.

Chris's Sophomore class is Purple. Chris used what purple he could find. He has the band aids under the eyes, purple gloves, and see those shoes. They were white yesterday. He is even wearing purple socks.

Here is Josh, Chris, Nate Scholars, and Gabe Brower. Nate is a Sophomore with Chris and Gabe is a Senior. These four are very good friends, and they are very good for each other.

I am grateful that my boys have friends that they look up to. Nate and Gabe are exceptional young men who respect and encourage Josh and Chris. Mind you, they are still teenage boys who have friendly competition. But it is all in fun.

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