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Sunday, August 31, 2008


I just had to share a little story about my son Joshua. He is 17 years old, but like most teenagers has lost a few brain cells.

He was so gracious and offered to join me while I ran a few errands on Friday. While on this journey we grabbed a cool beverage of choice...a bottle of ROOT BEER....As our journey to the end of the errands came to a slow down in one of the stores...Walmart...the warm weather increased. We returned to the car to find the temperature had risen both inside the car and the root beer as well. FYI, hot soda does not taste good.

Sooooo on with my story. Joshua noticed the temperature of the top of the soda was hot, but the bottom was a little cooler. What is the best way to distribute the temperature of a liquid evenly? SHAKE THE BOTTLE. Normally I would say smart idea, BUT.....Joshua opened the bottle....Immediately.....Not waiting for the FIZZ to settle.

I will let your imagination expand on what happened next to Joshua, his clothing, and his surroundings. (One note, the seat in my car is fine. Jeans are very absorbent)

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